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  1. _Advance airlift for bulletproof limousines, helicopters and communications gear.
  2. The reports came as the airlift of refugees to Rwanda continued.
  3. JASON SHERMAN : How did you become involved in the Airlift?
  4. Eventually, the airlift assumed the characteristics of an assembly line.
  5. On the rebel side, the massive airlift is a godsend.
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  7. NATO's response was to offer to airlift them out.
  8. If more people arrive, the airlift should continue more intensively,
  9. Gen . Robert Duignan, commander of the 445th Airlift Wing.
  10. Sarajevo's airport remained closed and the humanitarian airlift suspended.
  11. We hope this is the start of a normal airlift again.
  12. The airlift could start as soon as Saturday, Redmond said.
  13. So the airlift will continue, although on a reduced scale,
  14. The Berlin airlift in 1948-49 lasted about 15 months.
  15. The An Lac airlift was the largest from a single orphanage.
  16. "It shouldn't delay the airlift ."
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