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  1. He said an airlift base of operations is being established by the Pentagon at Entebbe, Uganda.
  2. The 90th Airlift Base has also MEDEVAC capability.
  3. On March 1, 1990, by gathering together these two units, the 90th Airlift Base was officially formed.
  4. In October 2004, the 61st Helicopter Squadron was transferred to the 90th Airlift Base, adding IAR-330 SOCAT to its inventory.
  5. The "'Romanian Air Force 90th Airlift Base ( " Baza 90 Transport Aerian " ) "'is located at the Henri Coand International Airport, near Bucharest.
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  7. *2007  Romanian Air Force IAR-330 SOCAT attack helicopter belonging to the 90th Airlift Base crashed in Ungheni, 30 km south of Pite _ ti, Arge _  county, southern Romania.
  8. By the summer of 1951 another location near the village of Dampierre, about south of Brezolles was selected as a base to support the United States Air Force as a tactical airlift base.

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