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  1. That's a bit optimistic for both Boeing and Airbus.
  2. The contract was awarded to Airbus Industrie, a European consortium.
  3. Airbus is driven to increase its market share at our expense,
  4. The cuts include military aircraft, regional aircraft and Airbus production.
  5. The order is a victory for Airbus over Boeing Co ..
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  7. The airlines need and benefit from a strong competitor like Airbus.
  8. We have already discussed with Airbus and Boeing the delivery schedule.
  9. We have already discussed with Boeing and Airbus the delivery schedule.
  10. He didn't discuss details of Airbus's bid.
  11. A spokesman for GE declined to comment on any Airbus purchase.
  12. In recent years, Airbus has sought to introduce competitive bidding.
  13. Yet Airbus planes still tend to cost more than Boeing models.
  14. Executives at Airbus said an Asian partner would be particularly likely.
  15. In recent years, Airbus has won more and more orders.
  16. GE and Airbus declined to say how much GE would pay.
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