air force 1 in a sentence

  1. Air Force 1's are a type of Nike sneakers.
  2. The Air Force 1 was produced in 1982 and discontinued the following year.
  3. Nike has vigorously defended the Air Force 1 in U . S . courts.
  4. These are recently purchased Nike Air Force 1's . 119 $ canadian.
  5. Air Force 1, 943 $ 29 million
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  7. Since its introduction, many different Air Force 1s have been designed or inspired by celebrities and athletes.
  8. His destination, McCurry said, probably won't be revealed until Air Force 1 has taken off.
  9. The Metatron forces deploy the shuttles Air Force 1 and Air Force 2, escorted by Affranchi's Gaia Gear.
  10. Leuna bombing from May 12, 1944 to April 5, 1945 cost the Eighth Air Force 1, 280 airmen.
  11. The president did not emerge from Air Force 1 for 30 minutes after he landed here because he was on the telephone.
  12. Bush telephoned Howard from his plane, Air Force 1, as he flew from St . Louis to Iowa for more campaigning.
  13. Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 land in Hamar, Norway, where the Metatron members join forces with the local resistance.
  14. Nike's best franchises are also represented including Air Max, Air Force 1, Nike Free, Nike LunarGlid Nike Dunk.
  15. After the summit, Peres joined President Clinton on Air Force 1 for the short flight to Ben Gurion International Airport between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
  16. Re-dgesignated as a B-29 Superfortress very heavy bombardment Squadron under Second Air Force 1 April 1944 at Dalhart Army Airfield, Texas.
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