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  1. They draw air for combustion from outside and exhaust combustion products outside, too.
  2. It also has an improved draft mechanism to supply the air for combustion.
  3. Restrictions in the inlet ensure that only just enough air for combustion passes through the lamp.
  4. Meanwhile, Sir Charles William Siemens had developed his regenerative preheating of fuel and air for combustion.
  5. Unlike conventional jet engines which use rotating fan blades to compress air for combustion, the X-43A has no rotating engine parts.
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  7. Although that is an improvement it may not be sufficient, because the furnace still has to draw air for combustion from the house.
  8. Air for combustion is drawn from inside the home and returned to the home; fireplace doors must be open during operation, but a screen can be used.
  9. I've read in an old thread on a forum that it may be possible to draw air for combustion via the chimney, in the space surrounding the flue.
  10. This is much less of a consideration in jet engines that employ wings and outside air for combustion to carry payloads that are much heavier than the propellant.
  11. Open transoms between the rooms and the corridors admitted fresh air for combustion, eventually creating a flue-like effect with the fire climbing to all but the two top floors.
  12. Direct vent systems do not use room air for combustion; instead, buoyancy forces air from the outside through the water heater combustion system and finally exhausts the combustion gases to the outside.
  13. The head of the engine above each cylinder comprises inlet and outlet valves, conduits for entry of pulverised solid fuel and air for combustion, and spark plugs as in a standard internal combustion engine.
  14. Since most of the new designs incorporate some type of flame arrestor screen, they require monitoring to make sure they do not become clogged with lint or dust, reducing the availability of air for combustion.
  15. The world-class development laboratory at left background featured rigs for component testing at engine operating conditions, including large indirectly fired air preheater to provide heated non-vitiated ( i . e ., full O2 content ) air for combustion testing.
  16. As a two-stroke diesel engine that does not use crankcase aspiration cannot naturally aspirate ( draw in ) intake air, a blower is necessary to provide sufficient air to scavenge exhaust gasses from the cylinders and to supply air for combustion.
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