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  1. The company's designs were marketed for a time by Leading Edge Air Foils.
  2. The company's designs were later produced by Leading Edge Air Foils and Kemmeries Aviation.
  3. Leading Edge Air Foils of Peyton, Colorado at one time also made construction kits available.
  4. As for the question about how much lift a simple air foil gives, consider common helicopters.
  5. Ultralight parts supplier Leading Edge Air Foils ( LEAF ) was also added to the group.
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  7. It essentially " tricks " the air foil and improves drag characteristics by as much as 1.5 percent, Roundhill said.
  8. At high speeds the air foil function of the wing provides most of the lift needed to stay in flight.
  9. A young admirer, however, could well see that wing in the back and think : Cool, a rear air foil.
  10. Some ram-air foils are closed-cell, where a one-way valve locks the air inside the cells, giving some increased water relaunch capability.
  11. It essentially " tricks " the air foil and improves drag characteristics by as much as 1 . 5 percent, Roundhill said.
  12. It didn't have air foil shaped blades, just cheap stamped curved sheetmetal blades .-- Duk 21 : 58, 20 September 2007 ( UTC)
  13. When air hits the elevated Bennett Island, which behaves like an airplane air foil it rises up, sometimes to over, nucleates, condenses and forms a cloud.
  14. At the trailing edge of the long roof, body sides, D pillars, and a unique roof top air foil formed one continuous arch over the tailgate opening.
  15. In the programming shakeup, Kevin Kiley, who had served as an on-air foil to Farr, was let go, and, inexplicably, the popular Ireland also was let go.
  16. "Probably his most important achievement-- prototypically Modern in its'rational'elegance-- is the breathtaking series of'air foil'overpasses and interchanges along Interstate 280 [ California ] as it winds down the Peninsula.
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