aimlessnesses in a sentence

"aimlessnesses" in Chinese  
  1. Perhaps it is that aimlessness that keeps Ulrich above it all.
  2. But there was still a disturbing aimlessness in his approach to life.
  3. Despite his aimlessness, there is something admirable about Phillips.
  4. The term has connotations of " apathy and aimlessness ".
  5. One couple after another moves through the gardens with the same aimlessness.
  6. It's difficult to find aimlessnesses in a sentence.
  7. He conceded that he bears some responsibility for his children's aimlessness.
  8. Later, though, some firefighters spoke of an aimlessness to the efforts.
  9. Like all Foggs, he is characterized by a certain aimlessness in life.
  10. Life of Jesus : Youthful aimlessness degenerates into racism in a small French village.
  11. This may be a slow film, but there are worse settings for aimlessness.
  12. This aimlessness robs the film of dramatic momentum.
  13. He said young Canadians often face " aimlessness arising out of despair ."
  14. But Owens'deep-set eyes betray no fear _ only a haunting aimlessness.
  15. Some observers have suggested a certain aimlessness.
  16. Ordinary teen-age lives include a lot of frustration, uncertainty, aimlessness and floundering.
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