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  1. The bomb-aimer was located within the aircraft's nose.
  2. This further reduced the time the bomb aimer had to adjust the path.
  3. The opening theme was by Sasanomaly and the ending theme was by Aimer.
  4. The ending theme song is, composed by Kanno and performed by Aimer.
  5. The navigator / bomb aimer, was killed.
  6. It's difficult to find aimer in a sentence.
  7. Another difference between the two prototypes were the arrangements for the bomb-aimer.
  8. The bomb aimer position was in the nose with a gun turret located directly above.
  9. For episode 11, the ending theme is " Through My Blood " by Aimer.
  10. The pilot was seated on the left and the navigator / bomb aimer on the right.
  11. He undertook war service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve becoming a bomb-aimer.
  12. Isabelle was still included in the music videos of the two songs, Verone and Aimer.
  13. On May 11, 2012, Aimer released a digital single called " Hoshikuzu Venus ".
  14. Vassili released " Laisse-moi t'aimer " as a music video as well.
  15. XIV, allowed the bomb aimer to rotate it up or down to cover the target.
  16. "' Sleepless Nights "'is the first studio album released by Aimer.
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