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  1. The CPW has a collapsible metal stock that provides stability during aimed fire.
  2. All these measures help to emphasize the importance of aimed fire, and taking cover.
  3. The techniques trade accurate, aimed fire for an increase in the firearm's rate of fire.
  4. Our soldiers returned deliberately aimed fire at people with weapons, and only at people with weapons,
  5. Lock-on mode " sticks " the reticle to enemies, but is less damaging than manually aimed fire.
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  7. The well-aimed fire from the veteran federal infantry was devastatingly effective and temporarily slowed Fagan s advance.
  8. Even for professional soldiers, the unstabilized firing port periscopes makes it very difficult to conduct aimed fire while on the move.
  9. The record contains a few examples of carbine-aimed fire felling an enemy soldier at this distance or perhaps a little more.
  10. The limit of aimed fire is ( with the gun-launched anti-tank guided missile, which is rarely used outside the former USSR ).
  11. Several soldiers, he said, believing their lives to be in danger, " aimed fire " at the car, hitting four of the occupants.
  12. It was a skill valuable mainly in mass or volley fire, since accurate aimed fire on a man-sized target was effective only to about.
  13. First, aimed fire was the primary method and this was enabled by predicting gun data from visually tracking the target with continuous height and range input.
  14. Aimed fire, with targets individually chosen and fired upon at the initiative of the individual soldier, was not possible until the development of rifling in the barrel.
  15. "Women ran out of the hotel screaming'help ! help ! "'said Supria, a 40-year-old construction worker, adding that rescuers aimed fire extinguishers at people engulfed in flames.
  16. These equations assume that each side is using aimed fire; that is, a force knows the location of its target and can aim its missiles at it.
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