aiken high school in a sentence

  1. South Aiken High School's mascot is the Thoroughbred.
  2. He attended Aiken High School win a high school football state championship in 1992.
  3. The team had major victories over Bishop England, Summerville, Mill Creek, GA, and Aiken High School.
  4. The workers fleeing the plant for the nearby Aiken High School, he said, " were totally stunned ."
  5. "' South Aiken High School "'is a four-year public high school located in Aiken, South Carolina.
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  7. In 1985, he graduated from Galatasaray High School after spending a year abroad as an exchange student in South Carolina at South Aiken High School.
  8. Played at South Aiken High School, where, in addition to football, was a track star, winning the state 100-meter title in 2001.
  9. During that time, it marked his last year of high school at the South Aiken High School, Aiken, SC, where he is a 2006 graduate.
  10. Nationally acclaimed programs at South Aiken High School include the academic team, NJROTC, Calliope ( literary magazine ), and the SAHS chapter of the National FFA Organization.
  11. Aiken High School houses the internationally ranking Aiken County Robotics team consisting of the FIRST Robotics Competition team 1102 M'Aiken Magic, and FIRST Tech Challenge Teams Global Force 3864, Atomix 3923 and M'Aiken Tech Magic 1102.
  12. Aiken High School has set a school record with more than $ 9.5 million in scholarship offers to the 2009 graduating class, and another record in the Class of 2010, and another record in the Class of 2011.

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