aiken drum in a sentence

  1. One common anthology piece sometimes associated with his name is also " The Aiken Drum ".
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  3. ;Aiken Drum : A persistent troublemaker, young Aiken Drum refused to be bent to the will of society.
  4. ;Aiken Drum : A persistent troublemaker, young Aiken Drum refused to be bent to the will of society.
  5. Aiken Drum is also the name given by the balladeer William Nicholson to the fairy the " Blednoch " ( 1825 ) in the poem of that name.
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  7. Sir Walter Scott in his novel " The Antiquary " ( 1816 ) refers to Aiken Drum in a story told by an old beggar about the origins of what has been perceived by the protagonist as a Roman fort.
  8. The beggar tells him that it was actually built by him and others for " auld Aiken Drum's bridal " and that one of the masons cut the shape of a ladle into the stone as a joke on the bridegroom.
  9. These categories include master class ( a well above standard amount of metapsychic powers ), the grand master class adepts ( large amounts of metapsychic abilities, like Elizabeth ), and the Paramount Grand Masters ( enormous amounts of metapsychic power, including Marc Remillard, Aiken Drum, and Felice Landry ).
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