ahom kingdom in a sentence

  1. The weakened Ahom kingdom fell to a colonization by the British.
  2. After some time, political scenario in Ahom kingdom changed drastically.
  3. Originally the title was conferred by the Ahom kingdom of medieval Assam.
  4. He assisted the Mughals in a war with the Ahom kingdom in 1666.
  5. Namrup was an important place during the Ahom Kingdom.
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  7. His conquest expanded the kingdom to the western border of the Ahom kingdom.
  8. The Ahom kingdom emerged from the rebellion much weakened.
  9. Rangpur remained the capital during the most glorious period of the Ahom kingdom.
  10. The Singarigharutha ceremony occupied an important place in the history of Ahom Kingdom.
  11. The Karbis who migrated to the Ahom Kingdom had to face the Burmese invasion.
  12. The captured soldiers subsequently became the first significant Muslim population of the Ahom Kingdom.
  13. Suhenphaa s reign showed the continuation of the policy of expansion of Ahom kingdom.
  14. The Ahom kingdom reached its westernmost boundary till Manas River which it retains until 1826.
  15. Rangpur was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom and served as its military-station.
  16. The Ahom kingdom then consolidated its power, building their kingdom for the next 600 years.
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