ahom dynasty in a sentence

  1. Sulikphaa hailed from the Samuguria branch of the Royal Ahom Dynasty.
  2. The " Buranji " s were written during the Ahom dynasty in the Assamese language using the Assamese alphabet.
  3. Therefore Laluk proposed before Lora Raja to mutilate the limbs of all the able-bodied princes belonging to the Royal Ahom dynasty.
  4. She was the only daughter of Swargadeo Jayadhwaj Singha, king of Ahom Dynasty and his wife Pakhori Gabharu, the daughter of Momai Tamuli Borbarua.
  5. In October 1679, a prince of the Samuguria branch of Royal Ahom Dynasty, aged only fourteen years, was placed on the throne at Sakbari dockyard.
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  7. This feature represents the harmonious blend of brahminical Hindu culture with the Shaktism cult which the royalty of Ahom dynasty had adopted as their religious practice throughout their kingdom.
  8. The Phukans and nobles pressed Atan Burhagohain to assume sovereign power, but the Premier refused the offer stating that only members of Royal Ahom Dynasty, the direct descendant of first Ahom king Sukaphaa, were eligible for the throne.
  9. He then found a prince, who was the grandson of Prince Sukrang, the founder of Parvatia branch of Royal Ahom Dynasty son of Ahom king Suhungmung, living near Charaideo Hill, and proposed to place him on the throne.
  10. In fact one of the earliest king of the Ahom Dynasty is known as Bamuni konwar as because he was brought up by a Brahmin family and till that time the Ahom kings were not Hindu and as such there is no question of Ahoms inviting Brahmins to Assam.
  11. The original ambition of Laluksola Borphukan was to declare himself king, but he feared opposition from the orthodox section of the Ahom nobility and Ahom priests, since by the customs of the Ahom kingdom only the members of the Royal Ahom Dynasty, the direct descendants of the first Ahom king, Sukaphaa, were eligible for the throne.

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