ahom army in a sentence

  1. The Ahom army on the south bank was successful in their fighting.
  2. Some time later, the Ahom army announced their advance by blowing the trumpets.
  3. The Ahom army besieged the enemy there.
  4. The retreating Ahom army and fleet joined their general and fell upon the invading Mughal forces.
  5. The Fauzdar of Guwahati fled and the Ahom army pursued the Mughals as far as Manas river.
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  7. The Ahom army entered the hills via Chapanala, and the Kopili and Jamuna river taking the Mikirs by surprise.
  8. Hussein Shah, later faced defeat when he invaded Ahom kingdom and the victorious Ahom army chased the invaders till Karatoya river.
  9. The Ahom commander Lachit Borphukan was seriously ill at that time and the Ahom army was demoralized by the absence of their general.
  10. The Ahom army marched to Tetelikhana and afterward to Dabaka, from whence they proceeded to a fort on the bank of the Jamuna river.
  11. The supplies solicited by Purnananda Burhagohain were readily granted; and with their help the Ahom army was organised on up-do-date lines.
  12. The Ahom forces used their cannons to the full strength and the Ahom army landed safely on the north bank and attacked ferociously as the Mughal soldiers retreated helplessly.
  13. The Ahom army camped near Mirap river, where it remained until Assamese name for Manipuris ) here after marrying the princess of Manipur at Manaimaji village in 1768.
  14. Had there been no Lachit Bagphukanas the general of the Ahom Army, it would have been utterly impossible on the part of the Ahoms to win the battle.
  15. A Dimasa Kachari folk tale says that the Ahom army rode on cows during this battle, which shocked the Kachari army, since killing cows would be a defilement.
  16. Therefore, remodeling of Ahom army in the line of British troops began during the reign of Gaurinath Singha, which was continued and extended during the reign of Kamaleswar Singha.
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