aholt in a sentence

"aholt" in Chinese  
  1. "The Lord's going to get aholt of people, " she smiles.
  2. "That's kind of a slap in the church's face, my face, everybody's face, " said Mary Aholt, whose husband was among those to receive a settlement.
  3. After Wynonna Judd urges fans to " grab aholt " of their history, this introductory episode explores country's Old Country folk past, its development as a porch-sittin'art form in the American South, and its first commercial breakthroughs.
  4. I was only editing this bit, and I wanted to change one word, which I only noticed the instant after I hit " Save ", so I grabbed aholt of it before the page had finished loading, removed my word and I must have somehow been given the whole lot when I saved it again.
  5. It's difficult to find aholt in a sentence.

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