ahold usa in a sentence

  1. Tobin also previously served as head of Ahold USA.
  2. Ahold USA operates six supermarkets chains in the northeastern and southern U . S.
  3. Robert Zwartendijk, chief executive of Ahold USA, said of the Stop & Shop purchase.
  4. Ahold USA, the Dutch food retailer's U . S . unit, currently operates 803 stores.
  5. "A long-held wish come true, " said Robert Zwartendijk, chief executive of Ahold USA.
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  7. The Red Food stores in Tennessee, purchased by Ahold USA last year, will be named BI-LO, effective March 1.
  8. We are look for additional cost reductions within the system, " said Barry Scher, vice president of public affairs of Ahold USA.
  9. Ahold USA, the Dutch food retailer's U . S . division, currently operates about 800 stores with annual sales of some $ 14 billion.
  10. Albertson's, Ahold USA, Safeway and other grocery chains are relying on a more cautious approach to the online market than did Webvan and its ilk.
  11. "A long-held wish come true, " said Robert Zwartendijk, chief executive of Ahold USA . " This is a natural fit ."
  12. The companies said Ahold USA, Royal Ahold's U . S . unit, already is using the systems successfully in its Bi-Lo chain in the Southeast.
  13. Also providing Y2K updates were executives from several large U . S . corporations, including Ahold USA Inc ., the Atlanta-based company that owns several supermarket chains.
  14. BI-LO is one of five supermarket chains owned by Royal Ahold's subsidiary, Ahold USA . The U . S . arm has annual sales of about dlrs 7.3 billion.
  15. Food retailer Ahold USA, Inc ., which owns 1, 600 supermarkets, sells Sylvia's products, as do CVS Corp . drugstores and East Coast grocers Pathmark Stores Inc . and Food Lion.
  16. "The acquisition of Pathmark provides Ahold with a large number of high-quality locations in attractive markets where our position left room for improvement, " said Bob Tobin, president and chief executive of Ahold USA.
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