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  1. Ahola went on to win a fourth consecutive title in 2010.
  2. Juha Ahola voted early at a polling station in a Helsinki suburb.
  3. Surround sound design and effects are handled by Heikki Iso-Ahola.
  4. Ahola debuted in the Barcelona Indoor Enduro in 2003, resulting fourth.
  5. Gary Speed, Alan Shearer and Ahola Ameobi got the goals for the Magpies.
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  7. Herzog, who casts even the extras himself, found Ahola by scouring strongman contests.
  8. Mika Ahola announced his retirement from enduro racing on New Year's Day 2012.
  9. In the following year, M閛 finished second to Mika Ahola in the E1 category.
  10. Innovation journalism was introduced to Finns by Kimmo Ahola and Dr . Seppo Sis鋞t?in spring 2004.
  11. Jouko Ahola, World's Strongest Man winner from 1997 and 1999, was the equipment manager.
  12. In 1939 1940 Ahola-Valo was imprisoned for political reasons in the Tammisaari prison camp in Finland.
  13. In 1998, the name was changed to The Crash and Dani Aavinen was replaced by keyboard player, Toni Ahola.
  14. "Invincible " is Ahola's first acting credit; he barely spoke English when he took the part.
  15. Herzog said, " that I know when I am seeing something momentous in a performance _ women instantly like Ahola.
  16. Ahola starred in Werner Herzog's 2001 film " Invincible " as early 20th century Jewish strongman Zishe Breitbart.
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