ahoeitu in a sentence

  1. After that, the god sent him to his other sons, Ahoeitu's older half-brothers.
  2. The wicked half-brothers repented, and begged their father that they also be allowed to follow Ahoeitu to earth.
  3. The god eventually relented, but stipulated that even though they were older, they were to become servants to Ahoeitu.
  4. The bowl then was put behind the house, and inspected from time to time until Ahoeitu as found sitting up in it.
  5. He punished them by confining them to the sky, while Ahoeitu was made to descend to earth and become king of Tonga.
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  7. Some time after, Eitumtupua sent a woman to fetch Ahoeitu, but she returned with the message that the boy was not to be found.
  8. After a while the god returned down from the sky and told her to name him Ahoeitu ( " day has dawned " ).
  9. In 2008 Ahoeitu was appointed Tonga's first High Commissioner to Australia, a post he held until his succession to the Tongan throne in 2012.
  10. Prime Minister Prince Ahoeitu Unuakiotonga Tukuaho ( Lavaka Ata Uluklala ) ( now King Tupou VI ) resigned suddenly on 11 February 2006, and also gave up his other cabinet portfolios.
  11. They tore Ahoeitu to pieces, cooked him ( some sources say they did not ) and ate him, tossing his head into some " hoi " plants which have become poisonous ever since.
  12. Taumoepeau-Tupou was Tonga's third Foreign Minister, after King George Tupou V ( at that time : Tupouto?a Lavaka ), and most recently Prince Ahoeitu Unuakiotonga Tukuaho ( at that time : Lavaka Ata Uluklala ).

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