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  1. Mehta said the Ahmedabad cineplex could be the largest in Asia.
  2. Australia beat Zimbabwe on Friday in 45 degree heat in Ahmedabad.
  3. Vajpayee told reporters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat's economic hub.
  4. Lowest total : 193 in Ahmedabad on Oct . 5, 1986
  5. Confluence is the annual international management symposium hosted by IIM Ahmedabad.
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  7. The symbol is designed by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
  8. The airport is located in Hansol, north of central Ahmedabad.
  9. In the final he defeated Iran's S Karimi Ahmedabad.
  10. The Bhishti now speak Gujarati, and live mainly in Ahmedabad.
  11. Junagadh railway station is also well connected with Rajkot, Ahmedabad.
  12. It manages the Udaipur Solar Observatory and is located in Ahmedabad.
  13. Sanand is linked to Ahmedabad and Kutch by state highway 17.
  14. In the quarterfinals, India faced defending champions Australia at Ahmedabad.
  15. Ahmedabad is divided by the Sabarmati into two physically distinct areas.
  16. Since year 2007, Lambha is considered a part of Ahmedabad.
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