ahmedabad duronto express in a sentence

  1. Despite leaving before Mumbai-Ahmedabad Duronto Express, it reaches the destination 30 minutes after the Duronto.
  2. It is one of three Duronto's operating out of Pune with the other two being 12263 / 64 Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Duronto Express & 12297 / 98 Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express.
  3. It is one of 3 Duronto Express trains running out of Pune Junction, the other trains being the 12221 / 22 Pune Howrah Duronto Express & 12297 / 98 Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express.
  4. It is second fastest train on the Mumbai  Ahmedabad Sector after the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Duronto Express which is fastest train in BCT-ADI sector . It used to run six days a week excluding Fridays after the exclusion day became Sunday.
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