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  1. Prior to August 2013 it was part of Ahmedabad District.
  2. Dholera is an ancient port-city, from Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad District.
  3. It will be built near Navagam in the Dholera taluka of Ahmedabad district.
  4. Shah is an accountant by profession, and worked at the Ahmedabad District Cooperative bank.
  5. Matar acts as a central hub for many small and big villages of Nadiad and Ahmedabad district.
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  7. Ahmedabad is the administrative headquarters of Ahmedabad district, administered by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ( AMC ).
  8. The village is small and lies at the border of Ahmedabad district and the nearest city is Botad.
  9. "' Vastrapur "'is an area in Ahmedabad district in the Indian state of Gujarat.
  10. "' Jetalpur "'is a town in the Ahmedabad district of the Indian state of Gujarat.
  11. The town is located 90 km west of Ahmedabad in Ahmedabad district with a population of approximately 20, 000.
  12. "' Charodi "'is a village near Sanand in Ahmedabad district in Indian state of Gujarat.
  13. "' Gamdi "'is a village in the Ahmedabad District of the Indian state of Gujarat.
  14. When India became independent in 1947, the state was merged with Ahmedabad district of Bombay State and later Gujarat state.
  15. The Bank also established a rural ( Gramin ) bank Mewar Anchlik Gramin Bank in Ahmedabad District in Gujarat on 26 January 1983.
  16. In 1999, Shah was elected as the President of Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank ( ADCB ), the biggest cooperative bank in India.
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