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  1. The short-lived Ahmed Zogu was elected president of the newly declared republic.
  2. As the leader of the Popular Party, in late December 1921 he formed a government where Fan S . Noli was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ahmed Zogu was the Minister of Internal Affairs.
  3. The poem was released in 1928, after Noli himself had been ousted from his position of Prime Minister by Ahmed Zogu's coup, which would later make a monarchy of the country, a republic since its independence in 1912.
  4. Apart from some small groups which were never subdued, the end of the major Kacak resistance came when Yugoslav government helped Ahmed Zogu to return to power in Tirana in December 1924, in exchange for his suppressing the Committee for the National Defence of Kosovo.
  5. His father, Ahmed Zogu, a commoner, appointed himself King Zog in 1928, and the son _ who was hustled out of the country as a babe in arms when fascists took over in 1939 _ sees no reason why he shouldn't get the title, too.
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