ahmed ziauddin in a sentence

  1. The order named Ahmed Ziauddin as an expert assisting the judges, explaining that the judges needed research support as the tribunal is based on new law.
  2. The Awami League government has twice closed down the newspaper, and both times its war crimes trials and Ahmed Ziauddin, and the suppression of the newspaper is ongoing.
  3. Background : There was a merge discussion that he had initiated on the page Ahmed Ziauddin with Mohammed Nizamul Huq and it had a low response rate over the last month.
  4. The further publication of verbatim quotes from the Skype conversations between Nizamul Huq and Ahmed Ziauddin by the Bangladesh newspaper " Amar Desh " revealed government intervention into the judiciary and Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal, which Huq led.
  5. In December 2012, Justice Nizamul Huq resigned when Skype recorded emails between the justice and Ahmed Ziauddin that compromised the fairness of the tribunal were revealed on YouTube and in publications such as " The Economist " and " Amar Desh ".
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  7. On 14 December 2012, the government charged Rahman with sedition for publishing Skype conversations, illegally hacked by other parties, between Justice Mohammed Nizamul Huq, chairman of Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal, and Ahmed Ziauddin, an international criminal law expert and war crimes activist based in Brussels.
  8. While a Brussels based Bangladeshi lawyer named Ahmed Ziauddin, who was also accused of influencing the proceedings of Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal at the instruction of Bangladesh government, said-" I am not sure about the objective of it and I am sure those Washington-based organisations have some political motives.
  9. "The Economist " and " Amar Desh " both published leaked conversations between the head justice of Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal, Nizamul Huq and international lawyer Ahmed Ziauddin in December 2012 . " The Economist " was the first to report about the inappropriate contacts . " Amar Desh " staff reporter Oliullah Noman said " a foreign source " had given the material to the newspaper.

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