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  1. He has three goals and six assists in 23 AHL contests.
  2. He went to Binghampton of the AHL and learned to hit.
  3. Colorado AHL's Hershey Bears replenishing Avs with talent 3.
  4. AHL money doesn't look so bad next to nothing.
  5. The AHL gives the player time to adjust to NHL conditions.
  6. It's difficult to find ahl in a sentence.
  7. The reason, according to AHL public relations head Brent Maurer:
  8. Announced D Chris Bogas was returned from Cincinnati of the AHL.
  9. Last season he had 61 points for Kentucky in the AHL.
  10. The Sabres recalled forward Chris Taylor from Rochester of the AHL.
  11. Detroit recalled rookie forward Jason Williams from Cincinnati of the AHL.
  12. Recalled G Jean-Francois Labbe from Syracuse of the AHL.
  13. Reassigned G Jean-Francois Labbe to Syracuse of the AHL.
  14. PHOENIX COYOTES _ Assigned C Wyatt Smith to Springfield of the AHL
  15. Myhres was assigned to the Capitals'AHL affiliate in Portland.
  16. BOSTON BRUINS _ Sent F Eric Manlow to Providence of the AHL
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