ahl ul bayt in a sentence

  1. After the Holy Prophet his share has to be given to the Imam of his Ahl ul Bayt in addition to the share of his relatives.
  2. To know the real and genuine relatives ( Ahl ul Bayt ) of the Holy Prophet see commentary of Baqarah : 124; Ali Imran : 61; Ahzab : 33 and Shura : 23.
  3. Since 1985, he has served as the Director of the Muslim Cultural Society in Sierra Leone and also Director of the Sierra Leone Ahl Ul Bayt World Assembly Sierra Leone, a humanitarian organisation that helps poor Sierra Leoneans.
  4. Also see commentary of Bani Isarail : 26; Naml : 15, 16; Nahl : 90 and Maryam : 2 to 15 for the unjust, unislamic and unquranic deviation of the so-called followers of the Holy Prophet resorted to for depriving the Ahl ul Bayt from their rightful share decreed by Allah.
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