aggressors in a sentence

"aggressors" in Chinese  
  1. Spain was the Round 2 aggressor, winning 3-0.
  2. That leaves the well-armed aggressors with the firepower advantage.
  3. You got to be the aggressor, you have to be.
  4. Worldwide, America is beginning to be viewed as the aggressor.
  5. But government soldiers have also been the aggressors in some areas.
  6. It's difficult to find aggressors in a sentence.
  7. We came out very soft, and they were the aggressors.
  8. Girls align with the victim, boys align with the aggressor.
  9. The big thing is to be the aggressor, to attack.
  10. The Rwandan aggressors have brought their genocidal culture onto our territory,
  11. I like it when we're the aggressor ."
  12. In all cases, the aggressor's sex was unknown.
  13. "You are the aggressor, " he replied.
  14. "They were the aggressor, " said Walker.
  15. When it comes to sex, Lopezia coronata is an aggressor.
  16. Kansas was the aggressor in Sunday's Midwest Regional final.
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