aggressive weapon in a sentence

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  1. The military report said China has an aggressive weapons modernization program.
  2. We no longer need this type of aggressive weapon.
  3. That is an aggressive weapon, but every army has them and they are used for defense.
  4. "They've turned cash flow into an aggressive weapon like we've never seen before,"
  5. Getting involved in the peace process does not require destructive and aggressive weapons but rather a real will to make peace a reality,
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  7. Through our encouragement to downscale acquisition of expensive aggressive weapons, Latin American governments have had more to spend in the pursuits of peace.
  8. The new resolution is certain to require far more aggressive weapons inspections than current resolutions, which are still guiding Blix's work.
  9. In the US, a wide assortment of specialists, Pentagon commanders and arms-control advocates call Iran's aggressive weapons-building program dangerous.
  10. A regional accord against aggressive weapons would be in the tradition of the Treaty of Tlatelolco, which in 1968 established Latin America and the Caribbean as the world's first nuclear-free zone.
  11. Rebuffing the notion that an aggressive weapons inspection program or diplomacy could keep Saddam in check, Armitage said it was " ludicrous " to think Saddam would remain " in his box ."
  12. The Bush administration cited no progress in its efforts to win Security Council support for a U . S . and British resolution that would create aggressive weapons inspections for Iraq, backed by the threat of U . S .-led force.
  13. Seven long weeks into negotiations in the Security Council over a resolution to disarm Iraq, there has been a shift this week toward the the U . S . and British draft proposal for aggressive weapons inspections backed by a clear threat of war, according to council diplomats representing the United States and some nonpermanent members.
  14. Bush still faces an uphill battle in trying to convince Russia, China and France not to use their veto power on the U . N . Security Council to block a resolution the United States and Britain are seeking that would set up an aggressive weapons inspections team to go into Iraq, backed by the threat of U . S .-led force.

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