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  1. His opportunity for territorial aggrandisement came during the Napoleonic wars.
  2. Self promotion and / or aggrandisement is not a correct use for Wikipedia.
  3. It was the first action of his long career of conquest and aggrandisement.
  4. It is a reasonably flat article, but I view it as self aggrandisement.
  5. The rest of his life Rodrigo devoted to the aggrandisement of his newfound order.
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  7. Gaston succeeded him and continued in his policies of aggrandisement and friendly church-state relations.
  8. However, a new obstacle to Mackenzie's campaign of self-aggrandisement now arose.
  9. Apart from the semi-impotent Polish court, no responsible Pole dreamed of aggrandisement in Sweden.
  10. He believed that the jealousy of Russian aggrandisement and the dread of Russian power were absurd exaggerations.
  11. Critics of self-experimenters point to other less savoury motivations such as simple self-aggrandisement.
  12. It's considered bad manners to puff yourself up, or and kind of self-aggrandisement.
  13. The man is dead, and I stand to get no personal gain, or aggrandisement from this.
  14. According to Crowley, the Black Brother slowly disintegrates, while preying on others for his own self-aggrandisement.
  15. In the late Middle Ages, it saw much of the aggrandisement associated with the New Monarchs elsewhere in Europe.
  16. Henry II did not wish to invade Ireland, he was forced to react to earl Richard's aggrandisement.
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