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  1. One common form of aggrading neomorphism is called porphyroid neomorphism.
  2. Others, mostly in the south, are valleys also heavily aggraded by mountain erosion.
  3. Here the less uplifted blocks are now heavily aggraded with waste from the dissected ranges.
  4. The current communities of Elos, Leimonas and Agioi Taxiarches have been constructed on aggraded land.
  5. Many of the intermontane plains, occurring mostly in the north, appear to be heavily aggraded with mountain waste.
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  7. A " dry maar " results when a maar lake dries out, becomes aggraded or silted up.
  8. As the streams escaped from their subglacial channels, they spread into broader channels and deposited some of their load and thus aggraded their courses.
  9. Thus just a short distance from the river, the flood plain is often swampy, unless its surface is there aggraded by the tributary streams.
  10. The bottom paleosol was aggraded in 550 years, for an average rate of about per year ( though the aggradation occurs only during short-lived events ).
  11. However, sediment loads have been decreasing since the mid-twentieth century and the tidal marsh at the mouth of the creek is no longer aggrading likely due to sediment capture in the many upstream reservoirs.
  12. For instance, if an alluvial channel is straightened, widened or altered in any other way that results in an increased flow-energy condition, the channel will tend back towards a lower energy state by degrading upstream, widening and aggrading downstream.
  13. There, the decrease of velocity aided by the salinity of the sea water, causes the formation of a remarkable delta, leaving less aggraded areas as shallow lakes ( Lake Pontchartrain on the east, and Grand Lake on the west of the river ).

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