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  1. Mainstream aggradation also formed numerous bars, further establishing braided morphology.
  2. Aggradation occurs when there is a supply of sediment and changes in water flow.
  3. In 1938, the pier was last moved further north due to proceeding aggradation.
  4. This had resulted in measured aggradation of the river bottom of as much as 5 metres.
  5. "' Aggradation "'in geology is the building up of sediment in unoccupied spaces.
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  7. Aggradational environments are often undergoing slow subsidence which balances the increase in land surface elevation due to aggradation.
  8. In addition, the regional environment will determine how change in sediment and precipitation will drive river incision and aggradation.
  9. Aggradation at the mouth of the stream once partly dammed Buffalo Creek, resulting in as much as of fill.
  10. After the first stage of aggradation and sediment transport, the Kobuk began a new phase of erosion and landform development.
  11. Near the coast it occurs in brackish water and inland in fens and raised bogs or aggradation zones of standing waters.
  12. Widespread bed aggradation forced flow through floodplain channels, depositing additional sediment in the side channels of the Elwha river floodplain.
  13. Conifer resin has no aggradation character because it consists of derivatives of diterpenes ( resin part ) and monoterpenes ( part turpentine ).
  14. Terraces along the river will record the cyclic changes, where glacial and interglacial time periods are associated with either incision or aggradation.
  15. Aggradation can be caused by changes in climate, land use, and geologic activity, such as volcanic eruption, earthquakes, and faulting.
  16. The morphology of an alluvial river reach is controlled by a combination of sediment supply, substrate composition, discharge, vegetation, and bed aggradation.
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