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  1. All Dravidian languages, including Kannada, Tamil, are agglutinative.
  2. Like others in this language family, the Blackfoot language is agglutinative.
  3. In analytic languages and agglutinative languages, markers are generally easily distinguished.
  4. Finally, some agglutinative tendencies of Nahuatl have faded in contemporary dialects.
  5. The item-and-arrangement approach fits very naturally with agglutinative languages.
  6. It's difficult to find agglutinative in a sentence.
  7. Some languages shift over time from agglutinative to fusional.
  8. Another well-known property of the Bantu languages is their agglutinative morphology.
  9. Like Quechuan languages, Ayamaran languages are highly agglutinative.
  10. Komi is an agglutinative language and adheres to a subject object verb order.
  11. This distinction is between languages that are fusional and languages that are agglutinative.
  12. Quotative ( relative ) follows the same agglutinative pattern.
  13. Prefixes and suffixes are numerous, partly because Korean is an agglutinative language.
  14. It has agglutinative verbal morphology, with extensive suppletion.
  15. The Ongan languages are agglutinative, with an extensive prefix and suffix system.
  16. The Siouan languages he considered " mildly polysynthetic " and agglutinative-fusional.
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