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  1. The distinctive characteristics of Turkish are vowel harmony and extensive agglutination.
  2. Two important features that characterize Kalmyk are agglutination and vowel harmony.
  3. Interlingua and Esperanto have minor differences regarding precisely how agglutinations occur.
  4. Hungarian uses extensive agglutination in almost all and any part of it.
  5. If agglutination occurs, the indirect Coombs test is positive.
  6. It's difficult to find agglutination in a sentence.
  7. Such topics as syntax and possible inflection or agglutination remain a mystery.
  8. Esperanto draws from largely the same languages, but uses agglutination more extensively.
  9. Interlingua tends to use words derived from natural languages instead of extensive agglutination.
  10. The name of the city came from an agglutination of Rio das Almas.
  11. It is no longer used clinically because it caused thrombocytopenia and platelet agglutination.
  12. Agglutination techniques are also used in definitive diagnosis of group A streptococcal infection.
  13. Agglutination is the clumping together of blood cells.
  14. Agglutination is used to very high degrees both in formal written forms in Telugu.
  15. Agglutination is also a common feature of Basque.
  16. Some nouns are formed by means of agglutination.
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