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  1. Another common laboratory test is a rapid latex agglutination test that detects the PBP2a protein.
  2. Antigenically related serovars are grouped into 24 serogroups, which are identified using the microscopic agglutination test ( MAT ).
  3. In a study including 75 patients with brucellosis, five patients with positive ELISA had a negative tube agglutination test.
  4. The "'Weil Felix test "'is an agglutination test for the diagnosis of rickettsial infections.
  5. Specifically, " C . fetus " can be detected from cervicovaginal mucus using an agglutination test or ELISA.
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  7. Bacterial culture, immunofluorescence, PCR, ELISA or slide agglutination tests ( SAT ) can be used to make a more definitive diagnosis.
  8. Agglutination tests, specific to a variety of pathogens, can be designed and manufactured for clinicians by coating microbeads of agglutination ( clumping ).
  9. Landsteiner's agglutination tests and his discovery of ABO blood groups was the start of the science of blood transfusion and serology which has made transfusion possible and safer.
  10. Apart from conventional methods of detection like direct microscopy and culture, rapid diagnostic methods to detect cryptococcal antigen by latex agglutination test, lateral flow immunochromatographic assay ( LFA ), or enzyme immunoassay ( EIA ).
  11. A second rapid test ( called latex agglutination test ) gave correct, positive results in 64 % of the people with the disease and it gave correct, negative results in 93 % of the people without the disease.
  12. In nonhuman animals, " Babesia canis rossi ", " Babesia bigemina ", and " Babesia bovis " cause particularly severe forms of the disease, including a severe haemolytic anaemia, with positive erythrocyte-in-saline-agglutination test indicating an immune-mediated component to the haemolysis.
  13. A latex agglutination test may be positive in meningitis caused by " Streptococcus pneumoniae ", " Neisseria meningitidis ", " Haemophilus influenzae ", " Escherichia coli " and " limulus lysate test may be positive in meningitis caused by Gram-negative bacteria, but it is of limited use unless other tests have been unhelpful.

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