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  1. Middle Mongol is an agglutinating language that makes nearly exclusive use of suffixes.
  2. This process is extensively developed in Estonian and Sami, and makes them also inflected, not only agglutinating languages.
  3. In a subsequent article ( Vajda 2013b ), Vajda discusses features in Ket that arose due to prolonged areal contact with suffixal agglutinating languages.
  4. Spiritually, it has been held together by nothing more than its agglutinating language, which, even after a post-Franco renaissance, is spoken by only about 1 million people.
  5. Turkish, along with all Turkic languages, is another agglutinating language : the expression " 莈koslovakyal1la _ t1ramad1klar1m1zdanm1 _ s1n1zcas1na " is pronounced as one word in Turkish, but it can be translated into English as " as if you were one of those whom we could not make resemble the Czechoslovakian people ."
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