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  1. Systems have been designed, including a de-agglomerator and separator, that will deliver material of cement fineness.
  2. The rotary drum agglomerator, such as the tyre driven Sepro Agglomeration Drum works by taking the crushed ore fines and agglomerating them into more uniform particles.
  3. Shell supported agglomerators such as the Sepro PTD Agglomeration Drum minimize stress on the shell by spreading the power drive over the full length of the unit.
  4. Oil Compression engines have water agglomerators fitted to the fuel lines because water ruined the fuel pumps and aircraft are prone to get a lot of water in their kerosene / paraffin tanks.
  5. Under Chernow's expert probing, it all comes clear, or at least as clear as a life can be : Rockefeller's faithless father, a traveling salesman and flim-flam man, who moved his mistress into the family home, then subjected his children to a series of ever-more jarring dislocations as he prepared to abandon their mother and them; the powerful Baptist creed that led the youthful John D . to give to charity more than 10 percent of his first year's paycheck; the inherited mistrust of banks, which armored the young agglomerator against the webs of debt that entangled so many other entrepreneurs, including Carnegie, Edison, and Bell.
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