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  1. Alluring posters of Bali are mandatory in Tokyo travel agency shop windows.
  2. Right-to-work statutes forbid unions from negotiating union shops and agency shops.
  3. Rosenstein said the museum was being anti-union for rejecting the agency shop demand.
  4. Just 3 percent used the agency shop, while 6.5 percent had the open shop.
  5. The local NEA affiliate, the Livermore Education Association, won an agency shop contract in 1994.
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  7. CTA officials refuse to say how many people are non-members paying an agency shop fee.
  8. That arrangement is known as an agency shop.
  9. Other forms of union security agreements, such as the closed shop and agency shop, are extremely rare.
  10. They cater to the bigger agency shops.
  11. See the Agency shop article for clarification.
  12. Maida Rosenstein, president of Local 2110, said an agency shop was needed to strengthen a historically weak union.
  13. However, Burton spokesman Dave Sebeck said Burton is " a longtime believer in agency shop and fair share representation ."
  14. But Batterman asserted that the agency shop demands were prolonging the strike and were designed largely to increase the union leaders'power.
  15. Dianne Foster, George Graham and Anne Lindl organized a petition drive to ask for a vote on the agency shop provision.
  16. But when the votes were counted recently, they'd fallen short; 171 teachers voted to eliminate the agency shop, 232 to keep it.
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