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  1. There is no consistency in how the agency fees are being instituted.
  2. The issue of agency fee payments was a national and serious one.
  3. The bulk of the Teixeiras'expenses were agency fees and air fare.
  4. The Board also ruled repeatedly on a number of issues associated with agency fees.
  5. The employer may deduct agency fees from the wages of employees without their authorisation.
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  7. The program saves the company about $ 1.5 million each year in agency fees.
  8. In 1987, the same number of workers covered by CWA contracts were agency fee payers.
  9. About a decade later, the high court revisited the agency fee issue three more times.
  10. Garber Travel had a fare of $ 306.50, including the agency fee of $ 25.
  11. The program saves the company about $ 1 . 5 million each year in agency fees.
  12. Union shops were heavily restricted, and states were allowed to pass right-to-work laws that ban agency fees.
  13. The Board rejected numerous challenges to the way agency fees were calculated, challenges made, and expenditures verified.
  14. Garber Travel had a fare of $ 306 . 50, including the agency fee of $ 25.
  15. Otherwise, financial services fees and charges surged, while the bank increased trust and agency fees and trading profit.
  16. Couples who handle the search themselves also may save money that would have been spent on agency fees.
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