agency detection in a sentence

  1. Tremlin contends that an agency detection device ( ADD ) and a theory of mind module ( ToMM ) lead humans to suspect an agent behind every event.
  2. He suggests that one of the fundamental mental modules in the brain is the Hyperactive Agency Detection Device ( HADD ), another potential system for identifying danger.
  3. A 2013 study that utilized a biological motion perception task discovered a " relation between illusory pattern perception and supernatural and paranormal beliefs and suggest that paranormal beliefs are strongly related to agency detection biases ".
  4. Pascal Boyer's " Religion Explained " ( 2002 ), based in part on his anthropological field work, treats belief in God as the result of the brain's tendency towards agency detection.
  5. Among this work, Stewart E . Guthrie's " A cognitive theory of religion " " Current Anthropology " 21 ( 2 ) 1980 was significant for examining the significance of anthropomorphism within religion, work that ultimately led to the development of the concept of the hyperactive agency detection device  a key concept within cognitive science of religion.
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