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  1. FEMA, once independent, now is part of the 22-agency department.
  2. They include influential university deans and professors who shape future leaders, as well as agency department heads and deputies who establish policies affecting people statewide.
  3. Starting in 1991, he worked as head of law enforcing agencies department of the council for coordination of law enforcing agencies under the President of Turkmenistan.
  4. Account planning is an advertising agency departments and works alongside client facing managers ( account management ), buying advertising ( media ), and creating advertising ( creative ).
  5. A 67-year-old man died Saturday at a hospital several hours after developing high fever and falling unconscious at home with heat stroke, the Tokyo Fire Agency Department said.
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  7. He said that a review of cash payments by the agency found that over five fiscal years, starting in 1993, Ara had prepared and submitted two sets of petty cash forms _ one for agency departments that needed small amounts of money for legitimate everyday expenses, the other for himself.
  8. Regarding the second claim, Nosenko told his debriefers that he had been personally responsible for handling Oswald's case and that the KGB had judged Oswald unfit for their services due to mental instability and had not even attempted to debrief Oswald about his work on the lie detector tests but passed a third test monitored by several Agency departments.

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