after claiming in a sentence

  1. Beck was arrested after claiming that the drugs belonged to her.
  2. After claiming victory Sunday, Lukashenko sounded softer toward the West.
  3. North Albany entered the history books after claiming the first Premiership.
  4. After claiming three victories his unit withdrew to the Eastern Front.
  5. After claiming victory, Dallas calls Bella but to no avail.
  6. It's difficult to find after claiming in a sentence.
  7. Sound after claiming $ 10 million in debts in his 1996 bankruptcy.
  8. Shortly after claiming victory, Gore flew to New York.
  10. But he won only four times after claiming six victories in 1993.
  11. Waugh said after claiming the winners cheque for dlrs 300, 000.
  12. After claiming victory, he sounded softer toward the West.
  13. Aminta promises to return to Elisa after claiming his throne.
  14. After claiming the orb, they race back upstairs and free Odette.
  15. Jeffrey Wright said after claiming one of the prizes at the AFI Awards.
  16. Three students were arrested after claiming responsibility for the man's death.
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