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  1. We had major damage in the aft engine room and maneuvering room.
  2. In the aft engine room, a Rolls-Royce Azipull AZP120CP Z-drive azimuth thrusters.
  3. On January 12 two of the aft engines were also successfully tested.
  4. A third bomb hit the aft engine room and set " Kinu " on fire.
  5. At 22 : 56 the aft engine was restarted.
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  7. The stern broke off at the long room which caused flooding in the aft engine room.
  8. Visitors today can tour most of the ship, including the aft engine room and boiler room.
  9. The problem was a nitrogen atmosphere in the aft engine compartment of Columbia during preparations for STS-1.
  10. The ship has three generating sets in the aft engine room and three in a forward engine room.
  11. However, this unusual arrangement was quite cramped, making maintenance and repairs in the aft engine room somewhat difficult.
  12. Only the aft engine room and " shaft alley ", at the stern of the ship, would be spared.
  13. At about 19 : 06, the duty engineer in the aft engine car reported an apparent oil pressure problem.
  14. This time the aft engine room was hit which flooded and cut all electrical power increased the list to fifty degrees.
  15. Captain Pruss ordered aft engines full astern at 7 : 14 while at an altitude of, to try to brake the airship.
  16. So far, engineers are unsure if the escaped fluid is confined to the aft engine section of the shuttle or has spread.
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