aft end in a sentence

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  1. The design crowded the aft end of the engine into the footwells.
  2. The radar operator's station was at the aft end of the gondola.
  3. The aft end contained additional separation rockets, the nozzle, and a heat shield.
  4. The club attached to the aft end of the boom at its center.
  5. At the aft end of the steering gear compartment was a transverse bulkhead.
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  7. They also installed three communications antennas at its aft end of the Zvezda module.
  8. At the aft end of the deck is a crew area and the kitchen.
  9. The rudder was eating the boat from the aft end.
  10. The rear ( or aft end ) of the boat is called the stern.
  11. The Control Actuator Section ( CAS ) is at the aft end of the missile.
  12. Each engine featured twin General Electric turbochargers, situated at the aft end of the nacelle.
  13. The telescope is mounted in the aft end of the fuselage behind a pressurized bulkhead.
  14. A torpedo-control director with a 15-foot rangefinder was mounted at the aft end of the superstructure.
  15. All engine accessories are mounted on the aft end of the engine under an engine tail-cone.
  16. The " diffuser case " at the aft end of the compressor houses the 13th stage.
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