affordable in a sentence

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  1. -- Making passage aboard the aircraft affordable to everyday travelers.
  2. It is when it's affordable, though, right?
  3. Yet these benefits tend to be only affordable for big businesses.
  4. They try to make their plans more affordable for all consumers.
  5. Should I accept less than the best at an affordable price?
  6. It's difficult to find affordable in a sentence.
  7. The goal this time is not space, but affordable space.
  8. The beauty of digital messaging is the equipment is very affordable,
  9. The latter were affordable but, well, less than romantic.
  10. Nor would they guarantee that displaced workers would find affordable coverage.
  11. But the conventional, affordable enclosed sports car seems increasingly endangered.
  12. Affordable housing is a hot political issue in the United States,
  13. These informal day care providers fill a need for affordable care.
  14. But it's more affordable if the timing is right.
  15. We all want affordable premiums and we all want broad choices,
  16. Companies split their shares to make them more affordable to investors.
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