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  1. In May 1989, the affordability index bottomed out at 14 percent.
  2. Ventura County had an affordability index of 32 percent.
  3. Since bottoming in 1981, NAR's housing affordability index has doubled to 127.
  4. The Los Angeles affordability index was 29 percent, down an annual 2 percentage points.
  5. In the same period, the statewide affordability index tumbled 9 points to 18 percent.
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  7. The affordability index is considered the most fundamental measure of housing well-being in the state.
  8. Los Angeles County's affordability index was 39 percent last year, equal to its 1998 mark.
  9. In Los Angeles County, the affordability index was 34, an annual increase of 1 percentage point.
  10. That compares with 25.5 weeks in 1997, according to the bank's Auto Affordability Index.
  11. Washington : Government releases housing affordability index for October, 10 a . m . ( See : NI ECO)
  12. Current figures were not available for the Inland Empire, but the affordability index was 48 percent in December 2000.
  13. "The affordability index is the best it's been in 25 years, " he said.
  14. In the Ventura-Oxnard area, the affordability index fell to 49.5 percent from 53.3 percent.
  15. The quarterly affordability index, released by the California Association of Realtors, compares median household income with median home prices.
  16. But the lower end of the market is still very strong and the lower interest rates have improved the affordability index.
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