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  1. As a consequence the economy depended heavily on the timely afflux and efflux of these metals.
  2. In fact the City survived as a port of trade principally thanks to afflux of the merchandise they robbed.
  3. There are also Season Holydays on the 50th of each season : Chaoflux, Discoflux, Confuflux, Bureflux, and Afflux.
  4. Tourists worried by the afflux of plastic bags, bottles and rotten food alerted local authorities, who have ordered sanitary tests on the garbage.
  5. The Kosi barrage with earth dams across river, afflux bunds and embankments above and below the river confines the river to flow within embankments.
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  7. The concept of the Minimum Energy Loss ( MEL ) weir was developed to pass large floods with minimum energy loss and afflux, and nearly-constant total head along the waterway.
  8. The Government of Bihar convened a technical committee, headed by a retired engineer-in-chief of the water resource department to supervise the restoration work and close the breach in the East Kosi afflux embankment.
  9. The Government of Bihar has constituted a technical committee, headed by retired engineer-in-chief of the water resource department, Nilendu Sanyal, to manage the restoration work and closure of the breach in the East Koshi afflux embankment.

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