affluents in a sentence

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  1. But it would affect the medical establishment and the more affluent.
  2. While they are not homeless, most are clearly not affluent.
  3. The third option would also reduce benefits for the more affluent.
  4. The Web is also attracting an older, more affluent crowd.
  5. It has become a frequent phenomenon in the affluent working population.
  6. It's difficult to find affluents in a sentence.
  7. The study compares incomes of poor and affluent households with children.
  8. For the most affluent beneficiaries, premiums would more than triple.
  9. The GOP proposal would also sharply increase premiums for affluent seniors.
  10. The difference is that affluent people can usually afford the consequences.
  11. And she is fairly typical : Affluent, white, suburban.
  12. Can the less affluent be far behind in taking up cigars?
  13. Not all solo moms are affluent Murphy Browns, of course.
  14. Cost of living in the affluent surrounding communities can be astronomical.
  15. The numbers of new, more affluent users are especially elusive.
  16. Even affluent and outspoken AIDS patients can have a hard time.
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