affluently in a sentence

"affluently" meaning  "affluently" in Chinese  
  1. Furthermore, he is said to be determined to design his projects affluently before going to tender.
  2. However, she managed to maintain her posh penthouse apartment in Mumbai and lived affluently from sound financial investments.
  3. Debs was criticized for the house not portraying working-class lifestyle; his wife was a beneficiary of her wealthy aunt's will and could furnish the house affluently.
  4. A pivotal part of the story is Frankel's relationship with John Hackney, an ambitious man from Franklin, Tenn ., who had aspirations to live affluently and impress his wife.
  5. But people who have watched TV interviews with the newly installed ministers in their luxury homes tend to conclude that the ministers'lifestyles will not be overly affected because they already live affluently.
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  7. The affluently mobile flock to Pelican Lake, with its 102 acres of extra-wide roads, 295 lots that can be rented as well as bought, an 8, 000-square-foot clubhouse, a pool, a spa, tennis courts and a 35-acre lake.

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