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  1. Yuppies are prone to lifestyle narcissism, from lounging in a soft, affluent society.
  2. Still another factor limiting bureaucratic power was the emergence of an affluent society.
  3. These are the reasons the original affluent society is that of the hunter-gatherer.
  4. An affluent society, perhaps, has something to do with this.
  5. They fear unfettered communication could bring strife to their clean, safe and affluent society.
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  7. Nevertheless, even the affluent societies of the West are chronically suffering from unemployment problems anyway.
  8. We're still the most affluent society in the world.
  9. Sahlins'work on hunter-gatherers as the " original affluent society " did much to dissipate that image.
  10. In his best-selling book, " The Affluent Society,"
  11. Thousands more work illegally, attracted by strong demand and high wages in this newly affluent society.
  12. It was a matter of an affluent society.
  13. 46 . ` THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY,'John Kenneth Galbraith
  14. "Drugs, crime, terrorism, unemployment and increasing poverty are part of our affluent societies, " he said.
  15. Since they grew up in a very affluent society, they have a romantic notion about being poor.
  16. Schizophrenia is associated with maternal starvation during pregnancy while autism has become increasingly common in affluent societies.
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