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  1. It is also becoming a much more affluent market.
  2. This transaction greatly sharpens the focus of the organization on the affluent market,
  3. Virginia, a growing and affluent market, has become the latest center for takeovers.
  4. Con Ed has been looking to expand, and Connecticut is a very affluent market.
  5. It's an affluent market.
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  7. The next big battleground is the affluent market, and ( Schwab ) will be very formidable.
  8. Kelly said, " to be thought of with magazines that cater to an affluent market ."
  9. Theater owners have insisted that the increases have had little effect on patronage in affluent markets like New York.
  10. On Thursday, the two men finally convinced a smaller, less-affluent market to take their team.
  11. In going after the more affluent market, the American wine industry has brushed off the customer of limited means.
  12. A wave of trade protectionism is sweeping the developed world and closing affluent markets to poorer countries, Colombian President Ernesto Samper said.
  13. Two years ago, the company cut its stake in that business to concentrate on cigars " and related affluent market segments ."
  14. "You need an affluent market to sell it to and in Maine the affluent market is along the coast, " he said.
  15. "You need an affluent market to sell it to and in Maine the affluent market is along the coast, " he said.
  16. As the venerable U . S . motorcycle maker pursues the affluent market of young professionals, he expects Harley will keep cash flow strong and debt low.
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