affluent family in a sentence

  1. Radzinowicz was born into an affluent family in Lodz, Poland.
  2. Members of the affluent family said they always had been religious.
  3. Many of San Juan's affluent families bought property there.
  4. Famous and affluent families then still have their ancestral houses maintained.
  5. Rhys-Davids was born in 1897 to an affluent family.
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  7. Most properties on the lake are second homes for affluent families.
  8. The economic crunch has also touched the more affluent families.
  9. These characters tend to come out of more affluent families.
  10. And behind the affluent family a servant was setting a Christmas dinner.
  11. His affluent family routinely paid his bail and legal fees.
  12. Estranged from his affluent family, a self-destructive,
  13. It is home to some of the most affluent families in Delhi.
  14. Many affluent families had moved into the area by 1850.
  15. As a young man, Bruce grew up in an affluent family.
  16. He was born in an affluent family at a village in Bajwara.
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